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Everything you need is already present

Everything is already present in you and you have all the answers to your questions. Yet at certain times in our lives this truth can be veiled . We loose sight of who we truly are and may even get stuck in certain areas in our lives.


When our vision is clouded by our past, obsessions or fears, certain patterns can arise in our communication, behaviour and thoughts that lead us away from inner peace and one could say certain parts of ourselves fall a sleep for a while. 


Un-cover and integrate

The solution is present in you, but in order to reach that solution it can be helpful to research and elevate the patterns and luggage we collect during life in order to awaken those slumbering parts of yourself again. 


I work from a position of equality with the client towards their goal and answer to the question they have found. Every client is different and I adjust my treatment accordingly. After our first initial conversation we decide together which course of action best suits you. The initial meeting takes an hour to an hour and a half. 



Methods can consist of:

- Therapy / Coaching

- Voice-dialogue sessions

- Bodywork

- Relationship counseling


Also through Instituut Core:

- Workshops

- Intensive training programs of consecutive days

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