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After an intake where we establish your working question and the goal you would like to reach, we determine together which course of action fits best with your specific working area. 

- Therapy / Coaching

For clients who want to learn new behaviour, research patterns, deal with past issues or improve their communication skills, therapy / coaching can be a solution. Within 5-10 sessions results can be seen and room can be made for certain parts of the self to integrate and awaken. 


- Voice - dialogue sessions

This methode is a very effective tool to find unknown desires, blokkages and motivations. By communication with specific parts of yourself hidden information can find an opening to make a true connection with yourself possible. 


- Bodywork

For clients who have trouble getting in contact with their feelings, their boundaries or spend a lot of time in their heads, bodywork can be a solution to become more aware of the processes that are going on inside and help create balance between body, mind and feeling.

Also through Instituut Core:


- Workshops

With Instituut Core and their experienced team I offer workshops on different areas of life. De themes are personal devellopment, leadership, relationships, parenting, freedom, presenting and assertiveness amongst others. 


- Intensive training programs of consecutive days

With Instituut Core I deliver an intensive 5-day basic training that has an immidiate effect. It is transformative, individual and inspiring. The team that delivers this unique, individual training has a lot of experience and enjoys their work thouroughly. 

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